The ultimate Learn-to-Meditate program

A complete, comprehensive course to give you a solid foundation in the practice of meditation.

Daily video instruction from an experienced guide.

Kara's signature class lovingly supports you in developing a powerful meditation practice using proven techniques, guided meditations, and practical tools at every step.

Meditation Immersion

The power of a daily meditation practice

Meditating every day can have an enormous impact on your life! Meditation reduces stress, provides clarity, increases joy, shifts our perspective, amplifies creativity, helps overcome limits, and assists in achieving our goals. Regular meditation also helps us increase our vital life force (energy) and naturally improves our focus.

Many people believe they cannot meditate because their thoughts are so active. An active mind is a natural by-product of our fast-paced modern lifestyles. Meditation is accessible for nearly everyone. The greatest barrier to a successful meditation practice is the lack of proven, effective meditation techniques.

Get to your center

21 Days of Guidance

This program is designed to fully integrate an effective meditation practice into your life.

Daily Videos

A new video is available every day to support the creation of your meditation practice.

Audio Guided Meditations

A variety of guided meditations are delivered to reinforce the methods and assist integration.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Your complete meditation practice is simplified into easy-to-follow steps.

Program Features

  • How to sit for meditation
  • Using a mantra
  • Relaxing deeply
  • Increasing energy flow
  • Visualization
  • Affirmations
  • Accessing higher consciousness
  • Ways to tap in outside of meditation
  • And so much more!

Meet your guide

Kara Goodwin has been utilizing the practice of meditation for years to cultivate and sustain deep levels of calmness and joy. Through meditation she has tapped into profound realizations and inner guidance, yet she maintains a strong groundedness. In her experience of teaching hundreds of students, she strives to keep wisdom teachings practical and accessible, rather than esoteric and lofty. Kara naturally shifts people into a palpably more aligned, peaceful state by simple interactions.

What people say about working with Kara

Kara Goodwin Meditation

“Kara brings in-depth knowledge and a generous spirit to her teaching, she is genuinely interested in assisting you with your spiritual growth.”

Kara Goodwin Meditation

“Kara brings beautiful, healing energy to all she does! There is a transparency and generosity of spirit in her presence that I am always content to be around.”

Kara Goodwin Meditation

“Kara has a heart and message that is authentic and encouraging in allowing you to find your highest and greatest good.”

Lifetime access to the program

Rewatch videos as often as you like.

Step-by-step supportive guidance.

Downloadable audio meditations.

7 day money-back guarantee.

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